Fruita Football Makes Playoffs

Maxwell Belshe, Reporter

After an 8-2 season, the Fruita Monument football team has made the playoffs and secured its second consecutive league title.

In a series of events that are playing out like any Hallmark movie, the team gets another shot at their crosstown rival: Central High School. With Central being one of the two teams that beat them, it’s a great opportunity for revenge and will prove to be either a learning experience or a victory.

This is the third phase of the season and the Wildcats are looking to play in the state championship game at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The Wildcats had key injuries and illnesses that diluted their offenses’ potency, but now at full strength, they look to advance and maybe even get a second shot at Montrose High School (the other team they lost to). Everything’s on the line and the Wildcats look to take that challenge head-on.