The Case of Kelsey Berreth

December 21, 2018

Another missing person is always a tragic thing to hear and see but it happens everyday all the time all over the world. A few weeks ago a young mother named Kelsey Berreth went missing on November 22, 2018 and was last seen in a Safeway parking lot in Woodland Park, Co with her baby. This story is unique as both the mother and daughter went missing and the last means of communication she had with anyone was November 25th when she texted her fiance as well as her work on the same day as she asked for time off although she had already been missing for 3 days.

Her phone was pinged near Gooding, Idaho, about 800 miles away and near where her mother lives although her mother has not heard or seen her and knew of no travel plans for her daughter and granddaughter to visit her. Her mother says that the last time they talked on Thanksgiving she sounded fine and sounded happy. She says it is just not like her daughter to just up and leave or disappear.

At this time her fiance is a suspect and his phone, DNA, photos, and home are being taken and searched to try and find any evidence as to where the mom and baby are but so far have not found anything. The police are working around the clock to try and find the duo as soon as possible.


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