Jet Crash In Atlanta

December 21, 2018

On December 20, a small jet crashed near an airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The jet was on its way to Tennessee with only four people on board. While the reasoning behind the unfortunate event is still undetermined, and those on board are not identified, it’s been reported that all four of those on board were killed when the jet crashed. It landed on a football field at Atlanta Park, the impact being so strong that a fire went ablaze spreading across the field and into a nearby neighborhood. A witness stated, “As it was going down, you could see the wings shifting back and forth.” Due to the overwhelming amount of smoke, he didn’t have the opportunity to notice any survivors. The wreckage from the plane spanned over 100 yards and most of the body of the jet is severely burned, with only the tail of the jet in tact. Authorities from the National Transportation Safety Board believe that the victims were from the Memphis area. Just 5 days before Christmas, authorities are making it their mission to figure out who the victims of the jet crash are. As the jet was headed to the Millington airport, Executive Director Roy Remington stated that the entire incident “is a tragedy.” The airport that they were headed to was about 10 miles from the crash site, proving that anything can happen within any moment in time.

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