Holiday Concerts

December 21, 2018

Holiday concerts are always a good way to spend a evening in December. They are something that are always around this time of year, but you never really hear or see anyone talking about it. Personally, the first thing I think about is school concerts from the band. While going to the Avalon to see our peers play is fun, I sometimes forget that that isn’t the only thing going on there. The other week, I went there to see the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra who were playing with a group of singers. Not only was it cool, it brought me to wonder something. The tickets were only ten dollars for students but my friend and I were the only young people there.That’s not a bad thing, per say, the concert was tailored for an older audience, but that doesn’t mean the music can’t be enjoyable. All they were singing and playing was Christmas songs and it was really wholesome. I’m sure that if more of our student body knew about it they would have wanted to go. Concerts seem like a a staple thing to go to during the holidays so it is much a shame to see that our generation is skipping over it and only going for school events. So I hope that this can change because even it cost money nothing can fill your heart with Holiday cheer, like a concert.

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