Rogue vs Titan Fitness

December 21, 2018

When building a garage gym, you have a few things to consider; price, size, and durability. Companies compete to sell equipment, but arguably the most prominent are Rogue and Titan fitness. Their stark contrast between the two is interesting considering they sell the same stuff. So you’re probably wondering, “How I can critique a squat rack?” It’s only a metal stand you rack your weights on, right? Although some might think that, there’s actually a lot to consider when you’re going to be using it every day for a couple years. The typical home gym consists of a squat rack, a barbell, some type of cardio machine and maybe some dumbbells or kettlebells. I’ll be honest with you, just get the Bowflex dumbbells for the lower weights, then buy in increments of ten pounds to the 120s. In my opinion, it saves space and cost.

Rogue is the standard of all weightlifting equipment. It’s the best quality, it’s reliable and ships fast and sometimes free. The customer support is second to none and the best strength sports athletes use it even if they aren’t sponsored. When asked about the quality of rogue, world champion coach James Belshe said, “It’s the best you can get and everything else leaves you disappointed”. Don’t just take his word for it though. You can go to the school’s weight room and every piece of equipment from a rogue is still in great condition despite the heavy use.

When you buy the best it costs the most, which makes sense. This is where Titan fitness makes their money. By using Chinese manufacturing and cutting down on quality, Titan can undercut Rogues high prices and make the sale to someone who is either naive to their reputation or just looking for a cheap piece of equipment that will last a couple of months.

When it comes to a home gym your best bet is to invest and buy the best. Titan fitness is unreliable and you usually have to go through more stress to deal with their understaffed customer service and wait for your replacement parts to come all the way from China. Go rogue and for the love of god don’t buy floor mats. They’re overpriced and you can get heavier duty stall mats for half the price, plus they do the same thing.

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