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The Best Movies From 2018

February 22, 2019

New year, new films and what a year 2018 was for movies. We witnessed some of the biggest blockbusters of all time in 2018 and some of the greatest blockbuster bombs as well. 2018 was a weird year for movies; some weeks you were gifted great films while other left a sour taste. But overall, 2018 shaped up to have some really great films, and we need to celebrate the hard work that each of these ten film did for in 2018.  


To begin, these are my favorite films of 2018 and my straight opinion of the film. You may see some of your favorite films of the year on my list and may see some that you might question. My goal is to let you know and spark interest to try to see some of these films in my list.


  1. First Man- Yes my first movie on my list is Damien Chazelle epic space drama “First Man.” “First Man” is the true story of Neil Armstrong incredible journey to create history to be the very first man to walk on the moon. I loved this movie because right out of the gate the movie grabs you and takes you on a wild ride to end up on the moon. Damien Chazelle did a wonderful job directing this film and is becoming one of my top directors with his other films such as “Whiplash” and “LA LA Land.” . Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong and did a fantastic job, he really did a great job becoming Armstrong with his stoic manner. If you haven’t seen “First Man” please watch it if you love history or space exploration.


  1. Spiderman Into the Spider verse- Without a doubt “Spiderman- Into the Spider verse” was the most surprising film for me this year. I have  loved Spider Man since I was a kid. I remember reading Spiderman comics and watching the original Sam Raimi films late at night because I wanted to be Spiderman. What makes this film so great is that it know what type of film it’s wanting to be. It plays and makes fun of Spidey’s past and also makes its own new story with Mile morales voiced by  Shameik Moore incredibly. While we get the most relatable SpiderMan voice by Jake Johnson. I loved this movie so much and want to watch it again right now.


  1. Avengers Infinity War- Speaking of Superhero films, “Avenger Infinity War” was everything that I wanted it to be. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo come back to direct the newest adventure in the MCU and man they pulled it off. The Russo brothers did such a great job with balancing each hero in the film and really made it enjoyable. I saw this film in the theaters 5 times because I loved it so much. And the best part of the whole movie was Josh Brolin amazing portrayal of  Thanos. He is by far the greatest villain in the Marvel movies and loved his story so much in this film. I’m so excited for “End Game” and can’t wait to see again my favorite heros on the big screen for one more time.
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody- Many have told me that I have an old soul when it comes to music. Yes, I do enjoy most music today, but I love old rock and roll. And one of my favorite bands of all time is Queen. Last year when they announced that they were making a film about Queen and the story of Freddie Mercury I was scared. And when I saw the film, I cried of how amazing the movie turned out to be, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was directed by Bryan Singer and Stars Rami Malek in the best performance of the year as Freddie Mercury. He was giving an impossible task and proved us all wrong. If you love Queen then please go out and see this film. It has by far the greatest ending of the year, and it will bring the tears.


  1. Sicario: Day of the Soldado- My favorite types of films are the ones that feel completely real and not afraid to push the envelope with it’s themes. When I first saw the first “Sicario” I feel in love the dark story, then I watched “Hell or High Water” and “Wind River”. All of those films have a true story and has made a huge impact in my life. What do those movie have in common? There all written by Taylor Sheridan, including the newest “Sicario” film. Taylor has become my favorite screenwriters because of the raw lifeless in this storys. Josh Brolin is back and so is  Benicio del Toro to continue the latest chapter in the “Sicario” films.. I can’t wait for the last installment of this great film frantrices and can’t wait to see what Taylor writes nexts. If you haven’t seen any of those films, go out and watch them!


  1.  Vice- One of my favorite directors of all time has always been Adam McKay. You may not know is name but you should know his films such as “Step brothers”, “ Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and “The Other Guys”. His film where a huge part of my life growing up with laughter. But when he made “The Big Short” I loved him more because of the way he directed and told that story of the great stock crisis in 2008. And now he’s back to tell us the story of Dick Cheney, the Vice president when President George W. Bush was in office. This story was so shocking and disturbing that made me fall in love with this movie. Christian Bale become Cheney in one of the greatest movies of the year. What I loved so much about this film was the fighting between did this really happen or was it just little bits of history. Overall, if you love history and film making, this is the film for you.


  1. BlackKKlansman- I respect the hell out of Spike Lee when it comes to his films, such as “Inside Man”, “ Malcolm X”, “Do the Right Thing” and so many more. His films deal with so many different topics that it’s hard to pick your favorite of his films, but not anymore with his newest film “BlaKKKlansman”. This is the incredible true story of the first African American cop in Colorado Springs to stop the KKK, from rising. This movie floored me to the ground and made me sick to my stomach just to see how a person can treat another person. Both John David Washington and Adam Driver were electric and played off so well together. And the last 5 minutes of the film were so true and dark that it made my stomach turn inside out. This movie is not for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to try to watch this great film.


  1. Mission: Impossible Fallout- For the 6th film in a franchise to be better than any of the falling films in its frantires is unheard of. But what Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie pulled off made is a perfect action movie. This I my favorite action film scene since “Mad Max Fury Road” because of the incredible story and stunts that were pulled of in this film. Tom Cruise learned how to fly an helicopter, halo jump, and rode a motorcycle with oncoming traffic in front of him. Movies like this don’t get made anymore because it’s cheaper to put the actor in front of a green screen. What this does so well is that every scene builds of each other and get grander with every action set piece. For the 2 ½ hour run time to be so fast paced and action packed to keep me on my toes makes one of the greatest action films of all time.


  1. A Star Is Born- Yes everyone’s favorite Oscar pick has made it to my list, and man what a fantastic movie.  Bradley Cooper stars and directs the newest version of the beloved tale that has been remade since the mid 60’s. Also starring with Cooper is the one and only Lady Gaga taking the lead spot of the film. Their story is so uplifting and tragic that floored me every time   they were together. The story hit certain beats that you would expect to see in this type of film, but because of the storytelling, acting and direction this movie is so damn entertaining that will always leave a lasting imprint within my heart. Please go out and give this one a try; you will not regret it.


  1. Creed II-  Ever since I was little, I have always loved the Rocky films. Rocky has always been one of my favorite hero of all time. And when they continued his story in “Creed” I loved him even more, and he’s not even the main character anymore. Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone return to the ring to face Creed’s biggest challenge of his life. This film was everything that I have been waiting for since I saw the original “Rocky” when I was a kid. The story is so fresh and new that brought my inner child back to witness one of the greatest movie in the “Rocky” franchise. Director Steven Caple Jr. and writer Ryan Coogler did such a great job putting us back into the world and making us care so much for creed and his oppnent Ivan Drago son, played by Florian Munteanu amazingly. This is one of the greatest sequels of all time and what a great way to finish Rocky’s story. I don’t want another film in the “Creed” franchise because they ended the film perfectly. This is one of the greatest boxing movies of all time stepping close to “Rocky”.


Those are my favorite movies from 2018 and I hope you get a chance to see all of those films on my list. Lastly, when I was writing this I really wanted to see the film “Green Book” but never got a chance to see it. But because of it nomination for the Oscars, it came back into town and it would have made my list sharing the number 10 spot with “First man”. I know “Green Book” is not on my list but please go out and see it if you haven’t. Those are my favorite films of 2018 and I hope you guys have a another great year at the theaters.

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