Dear Teachers…

February 22, 2019

We appreciate you. However, here are some things that you may not be aware of. We understand how much work you put in to help us succeed, but there are just some things you don’t know.

First off, every student is unique. We all have different learning styles. Therefore, experiencing teaching separate methods is beneficial. One thing that some students here at FMHS, including myself, dislike is the new curriculum in the science department- video-lecturing outside of class. This is an inefficient way of teaching. Students have to watch videos of teachers talking, on their own time, creating the inability to ask questions or solidify material. Not only is this method unproductive for students, it also makes life more difficult for teachers, since they have to make the videos outside of class. Lecturing during the hour is great for both teachers and students. While some may find this boring, it gives students a chance to be more involved, while increasing the chances of them paying attention.

A teacher who showcases this method perfectly is Mrs. Sexe. She teaches her students multiple methods of problem-solving so that they have choices and know what works best for them. Also, shout-out to the math department for letting us use notes on tests!

Another thing teachers may not realize is that we are BUSY people. Sometimes our work is not top notch because we have a lot going on, whether that be sports or homework from other teachers. We get up around 5am every morning, go to school for eight hours and then go straight to extracurriculars after that. Once we get home, all we want to do is sleep. Many kids just don’t bother doing their homework some nights because they value their sleep schedules more. Sometimes we get to a point where you might as well turn your work in late so it will be better quality. So, please forgive us when we forget to do a worksheet or cite our sources in an essay.

Of course, as students we have responsibilities. Due dates aren’t a joke, we have to take them seriously to prepare us for the real world. This leads me to my last point. As teachers you may not know how much we APPRECIATE you. When we struggle, you help us. When we fall, you give us a second chance. If we aren’t prepared, you do everything in your power to get us ready. You dedicate so much of your time to us whether it be in or outside class. The countless hours you give us, only to receive a little satisfaction if we succeed. You work outside the job description, and inspire us to create. No matter how loud and crazy the class, you manage to see the potential in every student. So, thank you. Thank you for instilling moral values and being a positive influence in our lives. Without you, we wouldn’t be the same people we are today. Just keep in mind that there are some ways that you can improve to help us to do even better!


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