Chacos Rocko

April 26, 2019

The summer holds many outdoor opportunities, especially in Colorado. You can go biking, swimming, paddleboarding, hiking, and much more. With the variety of environments that these many activities can be found in, it can be hard to find a good shoe. You might have to wear hiking shoes one minute while carrying water shoes in your backpack. Luckily, Chacos are the perfect solution.

Chacos might just look like another sandal, but they are much more than that. They are a blessing, the perfect shoe for any occasion. Going rafting? Perfect! They’re waterproof. Going hiking? Amazing! They have great traction and won’t slip off. Long day of shopping? Great! They’re incredibly comfortable.

Not only can you wear Chacos for an immense variety of activities, you can also get them in a vast array of colors. They have patterns, plain colors, and now you can even print your own picture onto the Chacos.

But the best part about the wonder that is Chacos, is the Chaco tan lines. Some tan lines are ugly and annoying, but not Chaco tan lines. Its like zebra stripes on your feet! Many Chaco patrons even make it their summer goal to get a great Chaco tan line. Some Chaco wearers even have a year-round tan line because they wear them so much!

Some people are reluctant to buy Chacos because of the price. Chacos aren’t super cheap, averaging at about $100 dollars per pair. While this may sound expensive, if you compare this to the price of many other shoes, it really isn’t that bad. Also, many shoes you have to replace after about a year, but Chacos can last for many years. I met one raft instructor that went hiking and rafting almost every day, and he had owned his Chacos for five years. I knew another woman who hiked every fourteener in Colorado in the same pair of Chacos. Chacos can be hard worn and still last many years, making them totally worth the cost.

Some people might try to say that Chacos are just trendy and that’s the only reason people like them, but I challenge those people to get a pair of Chacos. If you’re anything like me, you will fall in love with them and soon become an avid Chaco advocate like myself. Chacos will not disappoint.

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