South African Paddle Boards Across The Atlantic

Caitlin Lawson, Editor

Chris Bertish, South African watersport pro and South American health activist, is the first man to cross the Atlantic unassisted and unsupported. Get this, he did it on a paddle board. Paddle boards are generally only seen on vacations. They are a surfboard like item that you use paddles to push water which projects the vessel. These can be bought at pretty much any outdoor store (Cabela’s is great)  and some are hard structures, and others are soft which can be blown up with air. 

Bertish’s paddle, according to CNN, is “…a custom-made,1,360-pound, 20-foot-long vessel fitted with a tiny cabin and solar panels.” His trip was 93 days long, and each day he paddled a marathon in length. During his Christmas abroad, he spent time out on the sea with the animals of the ocean and other water lovers;- such as those boaters who dropped him donations for his cause: building at least five schools in South America, provide food to those in need, and to provide money for cleft palates procedures. Bertish enjoyed his long trip, recommends donating to his cause as well as pushing yourself to your limits.