President Trump Believes Nuking Hurricanes Is The Solution

Autumn Detor, Editor

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Sources within hurricane briefings have reported that President Trump has suggested they “drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane to disrupt it,” as paraphrased in countless sources ranging from CNN to the Guardian. People in the room were astonished that Trump believed a nuclear bomb would weaken an entire hurricane. This idea has reportedly been brought up to Homeland Security several times.

When the story first leaked, the president immediately denied that he had suggested such a thing, tweeting on August 26 that he had “never said this. Just more FAKE NEWS!” However, this isn’t the first time the idea of bringing nukes into severe weather has been suggested. In 1961, head of the U.S. Weather Bureau Francis W. Riechelderfer “imagine[d] the possibility someday of exploding a nuclear bomb on a hurricane far at sea.”

Fruita Monument High School senior, Erica Skillicorn, disagrees with Trump’s supposed method, saying “that doesn’t sound like the best way to go” as far as dealing with hurricanes. Assumingly, most people would have similar opinions to this Fruita senior.