Finding Your Niche at FMHS

September 20, 2019

What club should I join? Or should I even join one? Many students might have these questions at the beginning of their school year. At FMHS we are lucky to have many choices to choose from. From FBLA to TikTok club there is a huge variety of clubs to join this year. 

On the Thursday 29th students had the choice to explore the club fair that the school offered during our CAT time to see all the opportunities available for them. Overall FMHS offers a total of around 37 clubs for students. These are great places to make new friends and be involved with the community. Being in a club can greatly boost your self confidence and academic performance.

One of the many choices students have is FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). In FBLA students get amazing experiences to help those interested in going into the business field in the future. Malia Recker the secretary of FBLA says, “The main purpose of FBLA is to meet new people, build relationships and resumes, prepare for the business world and get scholarships.”

As many students use clubs for community service or resumes, some are just for fun. For example TikTok club, where students discuss the trends on the app TikTok, hang out, and have fun. “The main purpose of TikTok club is to bring different students from around our school to have a good time and to come together to enjoy Tik Toks. Most people think TikTok club is immature, but by joining this club they have the chance of making new friends and of course becoming Tikok famous,” said  Audrey Geer a junior and, one of the representatives of TikTok club. 

Sure, that seems fun but does being in a club even help me? Well according to the National Center for Education Statistics, “Extracurricular participation was positively associated with each of these success indicators among public high school seniors. During the first semester of their senior year, participants reported better attendance than their non-participating classmates–half of them had no unexcused absences from school and half had never skipped a class, compared with one-third and two-fifths of nonparticipants, respectively.” 

Along with better attendance, clubs are a great asset on college applications. Colleges tend to accept a student who reached out to their community for example being in Key Club or NHS. Many of these clubs give you experience that is helpful in future jobs. As an example, Computers Club can give you practice with computers and technology if that is what you are looking for in the future. If you are interested in joining a club, on the FMHS website it has all the clubs available with all the info you need for that certain club. Overall clubs have a positive effect on your life so you might as well find the one you are interested in and try it! 


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