Bus stop covers in Holland are being covered in plants as tribute to bees

Mekenzie Clark , Reporter

If you want to talk sustainable, Ultrecht, a city in the Netherlands, is definitely making the effort to go green. They decided to convert the tops of bus stops into a living garden. The plants mainly consist of sedum plants which is a type of perennial plant with thick succulent like leaves. In all, a total of 316 bus stops are now covered in the flowery plants. 

That’s not all, the plants serve for more than just looking pretty, they also help support the city’s biodiversity. The shelters are designed to capture fine dust, store rainwater, absorb carbon, regulate temperatures,improve air quality, and of course most importantly, to help the city’s bee population. 

The shelters are all equipped with energy efficient LED lights and bamboo benches. The workers who maintain them are also sustainable and drive all electric vehicles when they go to look after the plant roofs.  

On top of turning these bus stops into a garden bed, the city aims to introduce 55 all electric buses, and by the year 2028 have completely clean public transportation as well.  As for powering the buses, all electricity used will come from Dutch windmills. It looks like we need to step up our game.