Crumbl Cookies coming to Grand Junction!

Jadyn Heil , Reporter

It looks like Grand Junction will soon have a new business in town, and not just any business, but a gourmet bakery that is famous for it’s warm, gooey cookies,excellent customer service, and delivery. Originating in Logan, Utah, Crumbl Cookies was first opened in 2017 and has since opened 72 locations, one of which will be on Rimrock Ave. in Grand Junction. The company was started by two cousins who worked for years experimenting with their cookie recipe until they finally created what they believe to be the perfect cookie, and they aren’t the only ones. Crumbl has won multiple “Best Dessert” awards at multiple locations, and is doing pretty well, considering how much they have spread in only 3 years. Their staple cookies, such as the warm chocolate chip and the chilled sugar cookies, are served daily, and the bakery offers specialty flavors that rotate each week. Another unique aspect of this business is their options for national shipping, and their ability to deliver fresh baked cookies straight to your home. Although there is currently no opening date set in plac, the company will definitely be here soon, hopefully to stay.