Is the Hype House the new Team 10

Olivia Wick, Reporter

s the cancel culture attitude towards the app TikTok has shifted to people pronouncing it the “New Vine”, creators have received a soaring amount of followers as more and more people turn to the app as a source of daily laughter. One of the things people like most about the app- is that anyone, and I mean anyone has the chance to go viral. TikTok stars Lil’ Huddy, Charli D’Amelio, Daisy Keech, and Thomas Petrou found themselves in a unique position where they had built millions of followers on the app, and on YouTube, in such a short amount of time that TikTok turned from what was a previously a hobby to a job. With new and entertaining content seemingly becoming harder and harder to find, Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou came up with the idea to invest in a content house located in Los Angeles, so that many of these TikTok stars can live and create content together, much like Jake Paul’s content house deemed “Team 10” which was popular in 2016. As the Team 10 house fell to drama and celebrity arguments, the TikTok creators “Hype House” rose in popularity. But was this a mistake to move 15 teenagers into a house to live with each other? Daisy Keech has recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel, titled “The Truth About The Hype House.” As it has been recently known that Daisy Keech left the Hype House after investing 15,000 dollars., Daisy decided to explain her actions. According to her, the relationship with co-founder Thomas Petrou had become toxic therefore straining her relationships with other people that remain unnamed in the house. So after all this drama, will the Hype House become the new Team 10 House and crash with drama? Or will it hold out with the bond of true friendships at its core? Only the future can tell.