Focus on yourself in quarantine

Aubree Crabb, Reporter

Though it’s really easy or interesting to watch the news, watch Netflix, scroll through social media, or sleep during Covid-19, it’s not best to do this 24/7 while cooped up inside.

Before this uprising of a scary pandemic, you are active, either social, mentally, or physically. It’s easy to get off track. You need to be self aware and conscious about what your body is going through. You need to do more than just scroll through TikTok, I know it’s addicting but not healthy.

Here are some tips/things to keep you active on many different levels.

  1. Self-care- You can start a routine to help keep your face and body ready for summer. Go on Youtube, Pinterest, or even Instagram to find great routines to put your face through.
  2. Workouts- Your body needs to stay in shape, use apps on your phone, go through TikTok, Youtube, buy CD’s that have a series of workouts, or run on a treadmill.
  3. Cooking and baking- There are many great baking and cooking apps on your phone that are tasty. Just get up and do something, and it’s a good way to destress. According to Physiology Today culinary prep can be a treatment for a wide range of mental and behavioral health conditions, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD and addiction.
  4. Learning new skills- There are so many skills you can learn, like the splits, painting, decorating, DIY’s, quilting, sewing, and even new languages.

Although they may take energy from you, they are the best ways to stay on top of your old daily routine. Once this Covid-19 is over you will be healthy, both mentally and physically. 

It’s all on you though. You have to want to do these kinds of activities to maintain a healthy status. I don’t know about you but others are taking a stand and staying active. You should too.