Until Tomorrow… The Trend Taking Over Instagram

Paige Daniels , Reporter

Instagram is famous for all of their strange trends, from the ice bucket challenge to the mannequin challenge videos, and yet still thousands of people take part in them. This year there has been a new trend on Instagram really just for pure laughs, unlike the ice bucket challenge which was to raise awareness for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

This new trend is where a person is to post a silly picture of them and caption it, until tomorrow. The rules are that you have to keep this photo up for the whole day hence “until tomorrow,” before being deleted. 

The other rule is if you like one of these posts the person’s photo you liked will send you a message saying that you have to take part in this trend. The messages should look something like,  “So…. you liked my post, so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself, for the caption you’re ONLY allowed to write ‘until tomorrow’ and you can only tag me.”

Of course you don’t have to post a picture, it’s just harmless fun to bring into our lives. I think we all need that sometimes