How People are Reacting to this Pandemic

Haley Steenhoek, Reporter

The world is experiencing a pandemic that they may have never seen coming. The Coronavirus or the medical name, COVID-19 has swept its way through China and spread all the way to the United States. According to CNN Health, more than 210,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 in the U.S and there have been at least 4,703 deaths. As of now there is no cure for this virus and this mysterious virus is causing people to take as many precautions as they can. 

The media has been one of the main sources of news about the virus. This has made people aware of the symptoms, testing centers and what to do to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. This being said, there are many people who are following all the tips that are being encouraged in the media. With the world going into shutdown, some people are following the rules and staying at home to quarantine and also practicing social distancing. Some people are only leaving their house to go to the store and get groceries. These are the people who are following the news and trying to stay as safe and healthy as possible. 

Before the world went into shutdown, the news and the media were encouraging people to stock up on things like canned goods, meat and frozen food because they didn’t know what the future was going to be like. Most people stocked up on everything from toilet paper and cleaning supplies to eggs and milk. This was the time when the future was in the air and people didn’t know what to expect. As of now the grocery stores and essential businesses are still open with limited hours. 

While civilians have been in quarantine these past few weeks, doctors are hard at work to try and find a cure for this deadly virus. Live Science says that the Quantitative Bioscience Institute in California is working around the clock to try and figure out how the virus works and how to stop it as fast as they can. Finding a cure for a virus like this usually takes years but doctors are trying to find a drug that will help stop the spread of the virus and hopefully put it to an end. 

Since everything is up in the air with this virus, there has been a lot of panic and uneasiness about what to do next. People are trying to do the best they can by keeping their distance from people, wearing masks and gloves, and staying only around the people they live with to decrease chances of exposure. 

There is a lot of debate about whether the virus is as serious as the media is making it seem, but by taking precautions people are doing the best they can to stay healthy and safe under these mysterious circumstances.