Why Germany’s Death Rate Is So Low

Christian Torcia, Reporter

Germany, as well as the rest of the world has been victim to the quickly spreading Covid-19 virus also known as Corona Virus. This virus has hit surrounding countries such as Italy and Spain but the difference between these countries isn’t the amount of cases because all countries have similar amounts of cases but in mortality rates.

Germany has recorded about 85,000 cases but has only recorded about 1, 100 deaths which leaves their mortality rate at just over 1% which is similar to what the flu looks like every year. This is much lower than Germany’s neighboring countries and this could be due to a number of things.


One possible reason for this is that Germany has implemented widespread testing all over the country. This means that they are not only testing people with symptoms but everybody. This not only helps with the fact that they can determine people who have it before they even have symptoms and help slow the spread of the virus but it also helped determine which people went where to get the treatment they needed faster.


Another reason why the mortality rate was lower was that Germany had recently modernized many of their hospitals which left them with more beds, ventilators, ICU units, etc, and all of these are crucial for keeping people alive when it comes to this virus.


Overall Germany got hit later than its neighboring countries and this gave them the time they needed to prepare and ultimately mitigate the virus throughout the country. Many countries are following their footsteps and are hopeful that we can beat this virus soon.