Maintain healthy relationships

Aubree Crabb, Reporter

Now that this pandemic is at its height, relationships with loved ones have been crashing. You don’t want yours to be next.

What’s gonna happen to you? Well, if you listen to what others and I say. Which can help you maintain a healthy relationship while being quarantined together or being in completely separate houses.

If you are quarantined together, you may think it’s best to always hang around the other person. Actually it’s not, being with your partner 24/7 can actually get really annoying for both of you.

You will see that your relationship will go down hill and eventually end. Being together all the time is just annoying. You guys need space. Do things separately so you aren’t in each other’s way.

If you have just moved in together then you need to be very careful, you still need to ease into the relationship. According to physiological today, “[m]ost importantly, men and women should not feel anxious or rushed while forging a new relationship.”

There are times like movies, TV shows, and dinner you should be together. Working out, cooking, or scrolling social media necessarily doesn’t mean you need to be together especially if you are new to living with each other. You will get on each other’s nerves and some big arguments may occur.

If you are quarantined apart, you are in a very tough spot, you need to cherish the time you spend on the phone with them, but don’t get too annoyed when they don’t answer.

You’re not the only person in their life. They have family, friends, animals, and other people who also need to talk to them. According to a 2013 study from the Journal of Communication, approximately three million Americans live apart from their spouse at some point during their marriage, and 75% of college students have been in a long distance relationship at one time or another.

When they do have time though, watch movies over FaceTime or Netflix Party, do face-masks over the phone, laugh/giggle and just have fun. Just don’t assume they may not be doing something cause you aren’t doing anything.

On the other side, You don’t know what the other person is doing on social media or when they aren’t texting you back, you can only hope for the best. The best way to not be too annoying when checking in on them is limit calls to two a day, try not to double text, and give them space. According to women’s health you should not lose trust in them. “Trust is critical,” Cubberly says. “Responsiveness can help build trust, as can openness and honesty. Without responsiveness, the mind fills in the blanks with negatives.” Be open and honest with your partner and they will return the favor, because 9 times out of 10 they are thinking the same thing.

Choose wisely how you decide to continue your relationship during quarantine. I don’t want it to end badly and I certainly don’t think you want it to end badly. Be cautious and respectful.