What exactly does Colorado’s stay at home order entail?

Christian Torcia, Reporter

Governor Polis issued a stay at home order on March 26 and this stay at home order was dated to end April 11. Polis said this date would hopefully be after the worst of it all but was prepared to extend it if need be. Before the order was made Polis was hesitant to make this action saying the law was “unenforceable” however after the mayor of Denver made a shelter in place order for the city, Polis had rising demand that he do the same statewide especially after progress was being made in Denver. This left many Coloradans wondering however, “what exactly is allowed during all of this?”


As a state, Colorado has a very high number of people who love outdoor activities and having a stay at home order was soul crushing to thousands. After closer inspection of the “Do’s and Don’ts” however many realized it wasn’t as bad as they had originally thought. The order does state that you should not leave your home unless going out for essentials which to many is a grey area because seeing your loved ones during this could be argued is more essential than grabbing a Starbucks in the morning. While this is a grey subject many were relieved that the order stated that it was allowed to go outside and exercise as long as there was social distancing (6 feet of separation) being implemented. This means that as long as you kept your distance from people it was still allowed to go run outside, hike, walk your dogs, etc. Many people in Colorado were relieved to hear that even during this crazy time they could still do some of the things they loved.