Earth Day during quarantine

April 24, 2020

Today, here in Fruita Colorado, it’s exceptionally sunny out, and it’s 75 degrees. The birds are chirping as I write this out on my front porch. Only a few clouds are passing by, perfectly white and they look as if you could jump on them like a trampoline. April 22nd. Earth Day! What is Earth Day? Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries. Many recycle, spring clean, go on a hike, or start planting their favorite flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Here’s what some people in Fruita are doing this Earth Day!

Isabella Downs, a junior at FMHS said her and her family barely ever buy plastic. They use glass bottles, and reusable water bottles. Her and her family even take it a step further by buying as much skin care products as they can in glass bottles. A few other things they also use are reusable bags. Downs and her younger sister went around and picked up trash in Grand Junction parks. Downs says she thinks coming from California is what really inspires her to take care of our beautiful planet. She has always loved ocean life, and it pains her to see trash floating in the water. “Be good to the Earth everyday, not just today. It loves you, love it back.” Downs sets a great example of how people continuously celebrate Earth Day, says Downs.

Barent Foley, a senior at FMHS recycles all the time. Recycling is so important for Earth. Instead of throwing so much away, it’s so much better to reuse it. Less waste in our oceans and in our parks!

Kylee Scadegg and Jeremy Rice, both juniors at FMHS, celebrated Earth Day by going hiking. They went hiking in Bangs Canyon on the Mica Mine Trails. Scadegg’s favorite part was “seeing all the trees and shrubs blooming and getting ready for summer.” Even just getting out and hiking like Schadegg and Rice is a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Photos by Kylee Schadegg

Allison Gross, a Kindergarten teacher at Joyful Journey Preschool, had a Zoom meeting with her Kindergarteners inspiring them to repurpose trash. Some examples she gave was turning a milk jug into a bird feeder, and egg cartons that could be used as herb gardens! The kids are supposed to post what they made online. This little girl made a megaphone out of a milk jug.

Photos by Allison Gross

For Earth Day, I planted all kinds of different flowers. I’ve always had a green thumb, and every year I have planted some beautiful flowers to celebrate. Some of my favorite flowers to plant are Geraniums, and African Daisies. They both have very bright colors of hot pink and violet.

Photos by Grace King-Wagner

Earth Day is one of the most special days of the year, and being stuck in quarantine has made it hard for everyone to celebrate it, BUT people are still doing the best they can! It brings me so much joy to see what little things people are doing that will eventually make a huge difference.


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