Staying fit-at home

April 28, 2020

In today’s world where we’re told to stay inside and not much is open, we tend to take the easy route and relax and not do too much. But, we can make some good out of all this quarantine stuff, and that’s finding an at home workout routine to stick to while we’re all stuck at home. 


When asked how he is staying fit during quarantine, FMHS junior Jace Hinton said, “I try to do at least an hour workout everyday, either from going on a run or doing simple stuff like push ups and sit ups.” So you don’t need a fancy gym or any fancy equipment, while they do help and enable you to do different types of exercises. When in all actuality you can do a full workout without any equipment. For example, you can work your arms with just some simple push ups, along with that you can work different parts of your arms such as your biceps, triceps, and your chest just by changing your hand placement. Then moving onto your abs can be done with just some simple sit ups, and don’t forget about skipping leg day, because you can work your legs by doing squats and lunges. 


There are also online exercise classes, like crossfit, that give you a more structured workout where you’ll follow a trainer on say your phone or your computer, even your TV. These are helpful if you want some guidance and a more structured workout. While also giving you more intense workouts, along with more complicated exercises.


Other things we can focus on while being stuck at home is trying our best to eat healthy. Instead of eating a bag of chips or other unhealthy snacks, you can exchange those for something like a banana or an apple. While this may sound cliche, having a salad for lunch instead of a sandwich and chips can make a world of difference for how you feel and how much energy you have throughout the day. Homemade meals will also lead you to consume less sugar and processed foods. This can lead you to have better mental health as well.


So while this quarantine may seem like a drag and feel like there is nothing to do but sit around, we can make the most of it and better ourselves and walk out of quarantine in the best way possible. When asked how he started exercising over quarantine FMHS sophomore Will Pfaffendorf said, “I didn’t really do anything at first, but then I saw what one of my friends was doing and it inspired me to do the same.” 

You can even get some of your friends on board and facetime or something so it seems like you have a workout partner. Who knows how much longer we’ll be stuck at home but while we are I encourage all of you to try some of these to stay fit over quarantine.

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  • J

    Jeff HazelhurstMar 9, 2021 at 7:51 pm

    great article , Jayce has taken charge of his life both physically and mentally. As we watch his determination, even during covid he kept up with studies and taking care of his physical well being. It is good to read that the people he interviewed did the same. COVID was not and is not easy for our young generation. Those that made the best at what they had to deal with, will be the true leaders