Fruita Monument’s Greenery

April 28, 2020

In or out of quarantine, these Fruita Monument students have been enjoying the art of nurturing plants into healthy, well loved foliage. It takes a great deal of love and energy to take care of plants, and these Fruita Monument students know how to give them the attention they need.

Evee White, Sophomore (Photo Credit to Evee)

The first cactus is one of Evee’s favourite cactuses because it grew so uniquely while the center photo is of her plant Howard. According to Evee, “Howard is special because he has survived over a year in my room, and he’s just kinda nice to look at.” The picture to the right is a drawing of Howard that Evee created, and I thought it was just too good to leave out.

Niki Curry, Sophomore (Photo Credit to Niki)

Niki has a breathtakingly large plant collection and has been taking care of them for almost a year now. These photos contain Dieffenbachia, succulents, a prayer plant and more. They are all very special to her.

Noah Butzine, Senior (Photo Credit to Noah)

Noah really enjoys taking care of plants in his free time and says he enjoys the presence of them in his room. They really are quite beautiful.

Adele Foley, Sophomore (Photo Credit to Adele)

In Adele’s words, “This is Ron Jeremy III, he is pretty lazy and doesn’t do much, but he loves being gently squeezed. It’s like a big hug! He’s also really fuzzy and enjoys compliments. The scientific name for him is a Marimo Moss Ball and it is actually made of algae, not moss. He also loves to be gently stirred to keep his roundness so that he doesn’t flatten out.” Ron is pretty cute.


Jordan Lamont, Junior (Photo Credit to Jordan)

Like almost every mom, Jordan has an aloe vera plant that he likes to take care of. Aloe is one of my favourite plants to look at just because of the gel inside of it. Jordan says, “Her name is Charli D’Amelio because she likes to dance in bright, indirect sunlight between the temperatures of 55 and 80 degrees fahrenheit and while being showered with water deeply but infrequently about maybe every three weeks.” What a star.


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