Spring Cleaning While in Quarantine

May 9, 2020

The spread of Covid-19 has caused the government to place a stay at home order. Although his order does end on Monday April 27, it still is highly suggested to stay home since the virus is still spreading. The stay at home order is basically telling people to stay at home and not leave unless it is essential. Being stuck in the house with your family all day everyday can get you stuck in the same routine day after day. Since we are more than a month into quarantine, it is becoming harder and harder to find activities to do. A major thing that is being seen all over social media is spring cleaning during quarantine. People are taking this time to remodel houses and start any major projects they didn’t have time to do when they were busy with their everyday lives. 

With more free time may come the desire to finally paint your house, renovate your bathroom, or complete any big project you have been pushing off to the side for months. Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean you have to do some big project like cleaning the garage that is stacked high with boxes you’ve had for years. Spring cleaning can be doing little things like yard work, house chores, painting, or even cleaning out your closet, cabinets, and drawers. Spring cleaning can also be cleaning out your computer that keeps reminding you that your storage is full or going through your photos. This can be anything from big projects to little things and in the end it all will make a difference. 

“I have actually gone through my shop and cleaned all my tools and organized them because I have spent so much time in there,” said senior Cameron O’Connor. 

Spring cleaning can be a variety of things and quarantine has been a perfect time to motivate all of us to be productive and do it. “Quarantine has really encouraged me to clean because since we are doing online school because of the virus, I just want to be in a clean environment so that I can be focused. I have been cleaning my room and making sure that my house is straightened up,” said senior Wyatt Kendall. 

With all of this free time, cleaning and organizing the things you have been putting off for a while will give a sense of accomplishment. Also, when quarantine is over, you will be all done with the projects you have been dreading to do and that will allow you to focus on getting back into the groove of everyday life. This is a time that has encouraged everyone to come together and when it all is over, it will be refreshing to start clean and new. 


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