Confusion in Lebanon

Emma Pinnow, Reporter

2020 has been a scary year for everyone. Starting with threats of World War III, global pandemics, and now a controversial election on its way, we all have been holding our breath. Sadly, the year is nowhere near finished. 

An explosion occurred in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4th with 137 confirmed to be killed and 5,000 wounded, according to CNN. There are also many reported missing, while about 300,000 people are displaced from their homes. The warehouse the explosion took place in was storing ammonium nitrate, which is an explosive chemical often used in fireworks and fertilizers.

 As to the reasons this took place, there has been much speculation. The president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, stated his two theories to the explosion, which were both very controversial. He believed that it occurred due to severe negligence or through a possible attack by missile or bomb. However, the president did admit to reporters that the surplus of explosive materials had been stored “for seven years, since 2013”. This apparent negligence has caused the people of Lebanon to become much angrier with the government, which they had come to see as corrupt. Reporters at The Independent spoke with people in Lebanon, who expressed that they believed the current government was filled with elites who did nothing to help them. This all only adds to the growing discord that is forming in the country after the disaster.

Until the Lebanese government can get more answers or fix the negligence that caused this event, there is little the rest of the world can do. As we wait for more information to come out, we can try and help Lebanon’s people rebuild their lives as they mourn for those they have lost and try to get back to everyday life.