What is Angry Woman Jewelry?

January 7, 2021

Ever heard of “Angry Woman Jewelry” on Instagram? If you haven’t, you obviously haven’t been keeping up with the news at Fruita Monument High School. Adele Foley, a junior at FMHS has started a small business on Instagram called Angry Woman Jewelry where she sells a wide selection of earrings.

Foley started her small business because she couldn’t find hypoallergenic earrings that were cute, not expensive and easily accessible. She also started her business to help finance her Fruita Mission Abroad trip to Nepal next June, “and because of that I was able to reach my goal!” said Foley.

Photo courtesy of Adele Foley

The reasoning behind the name of her business is she wanted a name that if you saw it, you would either feel uncomfortable or the need to look at the name again to make sure you read it right. Foley explains, “I am very passionate about women in history and whenever a woman, even now, is not laughing or smiling, people often think they’re angry. I wanted to take that back and to give the term ‘angry women’ more power so that us girls can be more comfortable with expressing our true feelings without worrying about being called nasty names.”

Foley has loved jewelry for the longest time, but due to her metal sensitivity, she could not enjoy it for most of her life. “Now that I know what is in the fish hooks and how the earrings are made, I constantly wear them to ‘make up’ for all those years I was unable to wear earrings I loved,” Foley continues.

When asked where she gets her supplies to make her jewelry, she says she mainly gets her supplies from Michaels, but ever since they stopped carrying the type of shrinky dink paper she uses, she’s had to order off of Amazon. She has to buy her gold and silver plated hooks from Hobby Lobby.

Photo courtesy of Adele Foley

Foley continues to explain why she enjoys her business so much. “My absolute favorite thing about owning a small business online is definitely making my customers earrings and having them be very satisfied with them! I love how social media, you can post and tag people, and that really helps me as a very small and growing business. I also love talking to people about what they need and how I can best accomplish it for them! I really love creating things that people will wear and also enjoy.”

If you have Instagram, give Adele Foley a follow at “angrywomanjewerly.” Help support a small business, and get some homemade earrings!

Photo courtesy of Adele Foley
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    Adele FoleyJan 8, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    Thanks again Grace for writing about my business! You’re the best.