Effects From Colorado Housing Market Creates Crisis

Alexandria Stewart, Journalist

With the continuous rise of the housing market, many smaller and touristy towns face a crisis; long-term worker shortages. Many businesses in Telluride, Colorado are giving bribes and plastering them on their front windows. 

Recent visitors of the town, Melissa Stewart and Brandi Horrocks state, “One of the little shops I walked past was offering a $500 bonus to work there, for the sole reason of the housing market!” and, “The Butcher The Baker, a little restaurant we went to was offering a zero wait in line if you were renting to a local worker.” 

The housing market is promoting more homelessness from loss of jobs and lack of income to buy these overpriced homes. The crisis is being helped with these bribes in the hope to save the local community and keep the city alive for more tourists to experience. 

The “high demand continues to outstrip inventory across the Colorado housing market.” Norada Real Estate Investments explains. Many across the state are being affected, whether that be landlords kicking renters out to sell for a high price or homeowners selling and not being able to find a home for themselves. We hope to see a drop in prices of homes and more locals willing to stay to hopefully keep those small towns running smoothly and efficiently as soon as possible.