Covid Anniversary

Alayna Jones, Reporter

March 14, 2022 marks the two year anniversary of the first COVID-19 case in Mesa county. This historic date, is one that began the struggle and fight against the coronavirus in the Grand Valley. 

The first case was hard for everyone involved. The person themself, was a health care worker who was exposed to many patients and other doctors each day. The Mesa County Public Health director said, “Not only was it the first case, but it happened to be a pretty big process to go through. It was a healthcare worker with 50 contacts, so it really brought us up to speed immediately. Which you can say is a good thing, because from that point forward, my whole team was working very hard for that next two years.” Although this situation was inevitable to avoid, the health care workers have been tirelessly helping the people of Mesa County with their service.

To recognize this anniversary, the Mesa County Public Health team had an event to commemorate it. The staff was able to reflect on and celebrate their hard work and dedication to serving the community through the last two challenging years. 

Although this has been a challenge for everyone around the world, Mesa county is looking forward with hope that the end is near.