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School Improvements

September 26, 2017

It is virtually impossible to walk the grounds of Fruita Monument High School without noticing the new updates to our sports facilities and weight room. These improvements range across a variety of sports including new netting for the baseball field and a new scoreboard, new netting around the tennis courts, new floors in the main and auxiliary gym, as well as new paint and wood tiles in the weight room.

It is important to recognize not only the tangible components of this school wide project, but the behind the scenes look at the people that came together to make it possible.

The FMHS Girls’ Basketball Coach, Michael Wells and his company, spearheaded the refurbishing of our outdated facilities. With the help of our athletic department, administration and sports teams, he was able to capture the essence of the direction this school desires to head in the future. This was made possible by the designs on our equipment that resemble Fruita’s school spirit and culture that our school upholds. In an example of the magnitude of these projects, Coach Wells stated that for the gym floor, “ it took boys and girls basketball fundraising and the help of Community Hospital, along with other generous companies that donated to start the project.” The new floor consists mostly of the vibrant blue wildcat head in the center of the floor and the logos of those who donated, along with a dark stained wood piece resembling the Colorado National Monument. While the netting on the baseball field and tennis courts are black with blue logos and writing to match our school colors. In the weight room, wood tiles with the same mascot as the gym floor line one side as well as the walls being re-painted royal blue.

These improvements will not only benefit the athletes and opponents that will specifically be using them, but the students and community that support our athletics. From the P.E classes that will be able to take advantage of this, to the school activities being held on the property, it is a now place we can take personal pride in. Those who planned, labored, and fundraised over these updates, we owe you a great thanks for investing in the school we will spend four years of our lives at.


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