Kick Off to New Beginnings

September 25, 2017

As Fruita Monument Wildcats we pride ourselves in our accomplishments. Sports enthusiasts will sit through rain, snow, sunny days, and hot gymnasiums to cheer and watch as we bring home the big W.

To even think about a team, we need a coach. A coach described by Fruita Monument Wildcats needs to be knowledgeable, supportive, uplifting, and accommodating. This year Fruita is welcoming four new coaches to our staff.

One of which is Bob Bledsoe softballs head coach. When asking Lexi Didonato if he brings out the best in the team her response, “Yes, he definitely does. His big thing is about being a team whether we win or lose and playing with passion, which is really what makes the game fun.” The girls started in a bit of a rough patch this year but have turned the ball game around in their favor. Come support your cats at upcoming events.

Next in line is a returning Fruita Monument graduate, Lucas Archuleta. “The biggest goal is to get better every day” says the new wrestling coach, when being asked what new program changes await the team. He has been coaching for twenty-one years and counting. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat, welcome back! Stay up to date during the winter and follow their progress.

Boys basketball is the third to be anticipating a new coach this year. Ryan Hayden has a whole new program to fit the needs of his athletes. Trey Morrill stated, “He has a lot of high expectations, but it is expected with the talent we have on the team.” Boys basketball is now starting preseason in the South gym on Wednesday from 6:15- 7:45.

Our girls swim team is also welcoming a new coach, but at this point in time it is still to be announced. This year swimming is encountering many obstacles with the closing of the FMHS pool and the search for a new coach. Stay tuned during the spring for updates on girls swimming.

Congratulations to our new coaches and welcome to Fruita!


Picture Credit: Sarah Gardner

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