Kingsman: The Golden Circle

October 12, 2017

“Manners maketh man” That’s what you’ll be saying right after you see “Kingsman The Golden Circle”. “Kingsmen 2” came out this month and get’s a very good first impression for this review. “Kingsman the Golden Circle” is once again directed by Matthew Vaughn, the creative mind behind “X-Men First Class” , “Kickass” and the very first Kingsman movie. Kingsman is starring Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, and Pedro Pascal in this very fun action movie.

I loved the first Kingsman movie, it’s one of my favorite movies in the last 10 years. It came out with such a surprise and shocked everyone who saw it. It plays like a James Bond film on steroids and is made for a young audience. Also the first film plays on the idea of what makes a good gentleman. Many people have asked me if you should go see this movie, and I’ve told them yes. It’s a fun action movie for people to enjoy for 2 hours. But is it better than the first one? No, but that doesn’t take anything away from the film. I loved the first one, and for the “Golden Circle” I think it’s a good film with flaws.

What I really like about the “Golden Circle” is that it still feels fresh and new. That’s my greatest applause to the film. Also the movie is very enjoyable. The action is really fun and very different so that it keeps your eyes on the screen the whole time. It reminded me why I loved the first one so much and why I love film. The acting is also great. Taron Egerton proves once again that he’s a great young actor who can hold a movie from start to finish. Likewise Colin Firth is back and better than ever. He brings a likeable and brilliant performance that brings a nice corizma to the film like he did last time. In the film you’re introduced to the Statesmen, the US Agency that is partners with the Kingman in the film. They brought a new blend of action and and drama that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Overall the movie is a fun time that keeps you the audience entertained. But is it all good?

The problems in the “Golden Circle” is it’s story, and it’s main villain. What made the first Kingsman movie work was it’s crazy story and the crazy characters that follow the story. In the “Golden Circle” Julianne Moore plays “Poppy” A.K.A the main villain in the film. She brings good things in her role but acts like a cartoon character for most of the movie. When you jump back and forth through the film, you get a nice rolling tone that flows through the film. But when you see Poppy in her scenes the tone has hits and misses which doesn’t correlate with the flow of the film. You jump to location to location and it feels rushed most of the time. The film acts that more is better, so it keeps adding more and more things that just doesn’t  move within the story. And lastly, if you didn’t like the first film, you wouldn’t like this film at all. The film is banking on that you saw the first one and doesn’t do anything new to bring in new audiences.

Overall the movie isn’t a bad movie, it’s a great action, popcorn film for people to sit down and watch while having a good time. But for those who wanted a little bit more like myself we left the theater disappointed. I would recommend the movie and hope you get a chance to see it before it leaves theaters. And hope that when you’re done with the film you take away something new. And guys, this might help you to learn how to become a proper gentleman. My final review for “Kingsman The Golden Circle” is a 7.5/10.   


Picture Credit: Den of Geek

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