Parking Lot Overflow

October 24, 2017

For the first time ever, Fruita Monument High School is at capacity in our student parking. This year we have more driving sophomores than ever before, causing there to be a waiting list for students hoping to get a parking pass.

As the rules have always been, upperclassmen get first pick. Seniors and juniors who got their parking passes got lucky. Unfortunately, some juniors are still waiting for a pass.

As we are looking for solutions and December rolls around, early graduates will be taking off leaving 50 or more spots open for more juniors. Sophomores will just have to wait, or find somewhere else to park.

There are also issues with drivers not being careful or thoughtful of others vehicles. “People park on the lines, and if they hit you they don’t care because no one wants to admit they did something wrong,” says Logan Kastrup angrily.

Wildcats know better, so while the school is going through chaos, it is advised to remember to stop and slow down and be courteous of others and their vehicles. From now on, the rules are going to be more enforced for parking and safe driving. “I will be kicking those out who can’t follow my rules and stay safe, and depending on what was done, being kicked out can last from 1 day to several weeks, and once you have enough tickets to reach $100, you will be suspended,” says Ron, the FMHS parking liaison.

Ron asks those who are driving to school next year to prevent overflow of our parking lot by, if possible, carpooling, walking or riding buses to school. Not all of those who park in our parking lot drive to school everyday. If you are one of these people, it is asked that you do everything you can to share the parking lot and get to school with others or by another mode of transportation.

And remember, please be courteous and respectful to everyone students or not in our parking lot. Thank you wildcats, and drive safe out there.


Picture credit: Anika Roelands

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