Puerto Rico Flood

November 7, 2017

Hurricane Maria. Just 2,886 miles away, Puerto Rico was hit by a category 4 storm with 155 mph winds on Wednesday, September 13th. As of right now, Hurricane Maria is known as the worst storm Puerto Rico has had in 80 years. People on the island are struggling to find electricity and water as well as having limited access to cash and gas. 3 weeks after the storm, only 15% has power back and many hospital workers are still working to get people who are trapped in their homes, medication and treatment. 98% of the emergency health services are still not functioning properly, they are reportedly open but have not been working due to the electricity issue. CNN reported Puerto Rico was on flash flood warning until Sunday September 24, experiencing 2 to 4 inches of rain every day.48 people have died because of Maria, but 117 people are still missing. 30,000 crates have been sent to to the port of San Juan. Many military troops and disaster relief workers have been working to help supply those in need.

As for us in Grand Junction we can help by going to the American Red Cross website and sending a donation to the hundreds of people affected. “It’s going to be months and months and months before we can recover from this” says Felix Delgado, mayor of the northern coastal city of Catano.  Although the storm now is in the past, the damage of Maria will not be forgotten.


Picture Credit: New York Post

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