Gaming Convention Shooting

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In Jacksonville, Florida another tragic shooting happened at Jacksonville Landing where a Madden NFL 19 gaming convention was occuring. According to the Washington Post a 24 year old man, David Katz, from Baltimore, Maryland opened fire on a crowd of professional gamers from all over the world. He killed 2 men, Elijah Clayton 22, and Taylor Robertson, 28.  He wounded 11 others, then proceeded to turn the gun on himself and died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

This took place at about 1:34 pm when a 911 call was reported for shots and police arrived 2 minutes later, to a tragic scene right out of a movie. A video  was live streaming when the incident occured, showing a red laser dot on the chest of one of the victims. Then it goes back to the video game, and all of a sudden you can hear the shots as well as the screams and cries of the people . There is no evidence as to why he did it, or if he even knew the victims.

In light of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida last year, this shooting has brought about another political fight surrounding gun control and gun violence that in recent years has gotten worse and no action has been done says many gun control advocates. As more shootings are happening in schools, theaters, mall, etc. some action has been taken such as a new procedure for lockdowns in schools and workplaces called the run, hide, and fight. This insures our safety just a little bit more in light of the gun violence we are being plagued with.