Derek Kevin Jones: A Star Is Born

Elise Fero, Reporter

The movie musical/drama, “A Star is Born” directed by Bradley Cooper, starring himself and Lady Gaga, has had an absolute explosion of love by the media world and all who’ve seen the film. The remake of the movie, originally released in 1937, is about small town girl named Ally and big time star Jackson Maine meeting in a drag queen bar and hitting it off from there. The adventure begins and love, passion and hope followed by grief all make the story one worth a million shares.

Derek Kevin Jones, a drag queen in the film who makes his first entrance lip-syncing, explains in an interview , the truth of being in the film. “Being asked to be part of this project has been a rebirth of my artist. I had stepped away from my art to focus on paying bills and trying to get ahead. I did not realize that I so neglected my artist. This opportunity was like a taking defibrillator to my spirit,” Jones explains.

      Jones went to theatre school with Bradley Cooper. Jones had done a scene as a drag queen in a group where he believes Cooper got the idea to cast him in “A Star is Born.” Derek recalls receiving phone calls upon phone calls by an unknown number and eventually getting a message saying Bradley Cooper had been looking for him. Confused by the sudden outbreak from an old friend, Derek talked to Cooper who explained he wanted to cast him specifically as a character in the film he was directing. Derek, who had been living in New York City and working a casual job, immediately rebirthed his inner artist that he had left behind for so many years.

“I have still conceptualized what this all really means for me. I know this film is a BIG deal in the industry but not quite sure how that will trickle down to me. I am eternally grateful for the experience and realize now I have a responsibility to myself to continue to feed my artist in whatever form that may present itself in the future.”


Derek Kevin Jones is a true inspiration, proving that anyone could achieve their goals. Growing up in Denver, Colorado and being in his schools theatre department helped him find his way through high school. Classmate Julie Fero recalls him as “being fun and funny and always nice to everyone! He had a lot of talent singing. He was in an elite choir and they were really good. He was and is always positive and I remember him as always laughing and smiling.”

“I am eternally grateful to every person that was part of this project. From the acting coach, to the casting director, to the cast and crew. I am humbled that everyone took a risk and shared their heart and spirit with me,” he kindly expressed. Not only is he extremely talented, but also a very kind and phenomenal person to even know. Constantly thanking everyone who helped him get where he is now, and believing in him.

Although Jones loves the movie, he does have one little thing he would’ve liked to add. “The film was pretty perfect. But…YES, I would have loved it if Ally (Lady Gaga’s character) would have had another chance to go back to the Bleu Bleu,” he pronounces.

Derek Kevin Jones of A Star is Born continues to inspire the world to be themselves and achieve their goals, all while being humble and kind. Knowing him has made me a better person and inspired me, and I know he will continue doing so for so many others, especially in the LGBT community.