Titanic Found During Secret Cold War Mission

Ezra Abeyta, Reporter

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As many of you know the famous Titanic the ship that crashed into an iceberg in 1912 and not many people survived was found in 1985. As of recent though we have learned that, that was a ruse and the expedition was apart of a secret US military mission to uncover 2 sunken nuclear submarines, but the Titanic was found instead. The government wanted a cover story so no one knew they were getting the nuclear weapons especially the Russian sat the time.

The discovery of the Titanic was a great cover story and the media was completely fooled. It was found more than 12,000 feet down in the North Atlantic Ocean and was an astounding discovery and set off major media attention but through it, all the true purpose of the mission wasn’t discovered until 33 years later which is unbelievable.

The government did a good job of keeping this quiet in order to protect the United States during the Cold War or things might have turned out very differently. The Russians would have known our true intentions and that could have changed history and the way the war ended. We were also very glad that we found the Titanic again and had its story really told.