Powerlifting Federations

Maxwell Belshe, Reporter

Powerlifting is a very interesting sport. It’s very separated and highly customizable. There’s Raw, classic raw, single-ply and multi-ply. Then there’s drug tested and nondrug tested. There are standard rack and monolift. One of the fastest growing strength sports powerlifting has come at a crossroad. Should it push to become an Olympic sport or specialize in being a single sport much like football. This debate is what makes the federations so different from each other. The USPA the biggest federation in the U.S. doesn’t want to be an Olympic sport noting the debate to remove weightlifting from being a sport and not seeing the point in even trying. Then there’s the USAPL a smaller and less serious federation that is full steam ahead on getting into the Olympics.

These two federations are rivals and depending on who you are will determine what federation you belong in. Let’s say you just do it for fun and don’t take it seriously, USAPL is perfect for you. Nobody good competes in that federation so qualifications are easy and you never have to worry about getting shown up by a girl or even worse hearing swear words, it’s like an art show, some people like it. Then there’s the USPA, everyone whos anyone lifts there, big names like Larry Wheels, Jujimufu, Dr.Deadlift, Mass Cervantes all compete there so the qualifications are hard and the events are huge. If the USAPL is an art show the USPA is a rock concert and Eddie Van Halen is shredding it.

You can also join a monolift federation and lift in front of like 12 people and call yourself a world champion but that doesn’t really count now does it? Where you lift is a big thing in your life and it determines how you train. So when selecting where you want to lift choose wisely and if you want to be taken seriously don’t join the USAPL, its a total tool federation.

Powerlifting is not an Olympic sport we are not Olympics type people, imagine interviewing someone more narcissistic than the Stallion. That’s exactly what you’ll get, strength sports are very selfish and if you’re good you want to tell everyone. Not a good look for someone who represents your country, not to mention how crazy you get when you’re hyped up on pre-workout and ammonia inhalants. Powerlifting is a great motivator and a fun thing to do but considering how much of an impact sports have in politics maybe we shouldn’t have someone yelling that they’re the stallion after they win their third world championship.