Last Minute Buying for the Holidays

Kailee Giddings, Reporter

With Christmas quickly approaching, everyone is in a hurry to get those last minute items and finalize their Christmas wish lists. Stores all around the country are the craziest right now with long lines, limited stock, and large increases in staff.

7 percent of consumers in America will go shopping on Christmas Eve according to the National Retail Federation and even more, people will be shopping over the next few days leading up to Christmas.

Retail stores have called the Saturday closest to Christmas, “Super Saturday”. It is one of the busiest shopping days of the year second to Black Friday. Battling all of the people and long lines will have you wishing that you got an earlier start on all of that Christmas shopping.

In an interview with KKCO 11 News, Derek Reeves, a manager at the Rimrock Walmart says, “Over the past weekend we have been pretty hopping around here. We tend to beef up the staff right around now, especially the last two days leading up to the holidays, because that’s when the last minute shoppers are coming in, getting all of those last minute items.”

Another huge part of shopping this year is buying online. Shopping online is great if you don’t want to handle the large crowds however it is important to remember that anything ordered online within the next few days runs the risk of not getting here on time for Christmas.