Gift Ideas for Each Hogwarts House

Elise Fero, Reporter

Whether it’s Christmas time or a friend’s birthday, gifts are always tricky to get. The expectation of a perfect object to reflect your friendship or love is one of the most stressful things during the holiday seasons. But what if I said there was an easier and far less stressful way to satisfy their wants? All you have to know is their Hogwarts house and you’re all set.



Shopping for a Hufflepuff? Easy! Hufflepuff’s are kind and loyal, soft and sweet. The house colors are black and yellow, and yellow is a perfect gift color. Gifts that could work for ANY Hufflepuff include succulents, blankets, homemade crafts, tiny sentiments, teacups, etc. You can’t go wrong with a succulent or another kind of plant, after all have you seen Newt Scamander? Which reminds me, any Fantastic Beasts merch is also perfect. Blankets are always a win, even better if they are yellow or Hufflepuff related. Homemade crafts, which may not always be appreciated by other Hogwarts Houses, are dearly appreciated by a Hufflepuff for the time, effort and love put into it. Hufflepuffs are also large collectors and adore any small sentiments that remind you of them, including pins, stickers, and keychains. Most also enjoy always having a warm beverage so a teacup is an option as well.


Ravenclaw’s are intelligent and creative, witty and fast learners. Their colors are blue, black and yellowish-brown. The perfect gifts for these lovelies include puzzles, books, art supplies, stylish bookmarks, personalized notebooks, etc. With a smart and quick mind, puzzles and books are always an easy and entertaining way to challenge their brain. Art supplies are perfect for any creative soul as well as notebooks. Ravenclaw’s are likely the easiest house to shop for.


Know a Slytherin? A pet snake is not always the best gift option. Slytherins are known to be ambitious and cunning, resourceful and great leaders with house colors of green and black. They are, in my opinion, the hardest to shop for because Slytherins while alike are all very different from each other. Gift ideas that never seem to fail include house pride merchandise, Pop Figures of their favorite villains, hoodies, antique posters and such, etc. Slytherins adore their house and love to show it, so help them out with some merch or a hoodie. They also will always favor villains and will forever love you if you get them a figurine or a poster.


Gryffindor’s are the best-known house due to it being Harry Potter’s house, which also means they are easy to find merchandise for. Their house colors are gold and maroon to reflect the qualities of bravery and courage. Gift ideas include anything Harry Potter related, gold accessories like bath bombs and keychains, Gryffindor attire, vintage weapons, etc.  Most Gryffindor’s are obsessed with the HP series and love to show it through accessories or merchandise, something they can never get enough of. They also enjoy vintage weapons like swords because it reflects unto them like the Sword of Gryffindor and their bravery.

Each Hogwarts House is unique in their own way and can be easy to shop for through these simple ideas. Of course, no two wizards are the same and may not be as pleased as others, but in the end, it is the thought that counts. Best of wishes to wizards and muggles alike with much love from your favorite Hufflepuff.