The 1st Annual Winter Arts Festival

Dillon Gross, Reporter

When someone says “art club”, the vision that pops into mind is typically that of a group of students sitting around and painting canvases. The image might include the group listening to music and gossiping while some girls create magnificent pieces and others have accomplished barely anything. While that is a part of the art, the Fruita Monument Art Club is much more.

On January 23rd, the club is hosting the 1st Annual Winter Arts Festival. It will be held after school, from 4:30 pm to 7 pm and it will be around the commons and the cafeteria area.

This art festival will be a showing of art from students around the school, as well as art pieces from local artists from all around the Grand Junction area. Any student, even if they’re not in an art class, will be able to have their art featured. There will also be live music from students who are in the choir, as well as Fruita Monument’s very own brass quintet.

The art festival is one of the largest projects that the art club has ever taken on. It’s been shaping up well and hopes to be a huge success for the club and the entire art community. There will also be hot chocolate sold and all money made will go to funding future art club projects.

Anyone is welcome to the art festival. It’s currently too late to submit art pieces, but anyone is still encouraged to enjoy the art and music that will be featured. Students, teachers, parents, and all community members are welcome to come and enjoy the art and music at the festival.