One Year Anniversary of Parkland High School

Leilani Colon, Reporter

Nearly one month from now will mark the one year anniversary of the tragic mass shooting at Parkland High School in Parkland, Florida. This was one of the deadliest school shooting with the total number of deaths of 17 innocent people resulting from the shameful act of Nikolas Cruz.

On February 14, 2018, the news about the shooting spread rapidly nationwide and the story itself is no stranger to students and teachers, along with the families who have children attending schools as well. Until just last year, Columbine High School in Colorado had the most deaths 13 deaths also due to a mass high school shooting. And for years upon years, it has haunted the memories of the students and staff that went there, the families who lost a loved one in the unfortunate incident and lingers in the back of the minds of those who ponder about such tragedies from time to time.

While dwelling on the negative is not something that is necessarily advised, remembering the one year anniversary of the Parkland high school shooting is not only respectful, but a reminder to be grateful for the school systems and those constantly putting their lives on the line for students. Even though the hardships that follow the thoughts about the 17 individuals who passed away nearly one-year ago aren’t positive in any way, it has taught us to appreciate every moment and learn how to perfect keeping public places safe.

As the school systems are now strict on the security, they are continuously perfecting lockdown drills and self-defense, and are in a constant state of making sure that the safety of others is never questioned because of fear of such an evil event blankets thousands of schools nationwide.

Following the shooting, close friends of the students who had their lives taken that day decided to speak up about the cruel and terror driving violence that resulted from the shooter. They held marches, protests, and gave empowering speeches that hit the hearts and minds who heard nationwide. As the speakers who are only teenagers made a platform for themselves and voiced their hurt and anger concerning Parkland High School, it brought awareness to schools across the nation that anything can happen to anyone within an instant.

As the anniversary also falls on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to be caught up on the holiday and being in the midst of celebrating it. However, it’s important to remember on February 14 those who lost their lives at such a young age, those who were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to prevent unfair deaths, and those who just lived their first year without a loved one and grieve each day without them.