13-year-old Found After Missing for Three Months

Skyler Cutsforth, Reporter

On October 15, Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old girl went missing. Both of her parents were found shot and killed in their home. Their home was located near Barron, Wisconsin, in a town of only 3,300 people. According to the Delta County Sheriff’s Office when the police arrived that the home, the door was kicked in and nobody was there. A 911 call led the investigators to find the bodies in the Closs home. A dispatcher called the number back giving them information that the phone belonged to Denise Closs. There was not a record of who made the 911 call but there was screaming in the background. Jayme has not and will not be a suspect of her parent’s death.

After the Closs parents were found deceased, The police released a statement believing that Jayme was alive but not safe. This statement gave people hope, so people formed search parties, attempting to find Jayme.

On Thursday, January 10th, Jayme Closs was found approximately 66 miles away from where she was last seen, said Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. A woman told the Star Tribune that Jayme approached her for help while she was walking her dog. They soon rushed to a neighbor’s home who called 911, said the Star Tribune. The Sheriff’s Office also stated that a suspect of her abduction was taken into custody around 10 minutes after Jayme was found.

The alleged kidnapper of Jayme Closs and the murder of both Closs parents is Jake Patterson. He lived and grew up in a small town of only 645 people, Gordon, Wisconsin. He has always stayed very quiet and not many people knew him besides his family and neighbors. Patterson’s High School teachers barely remembered him even though he has only graduated three years ago. His parents had divorced and moved out of the cabin in which they lived in his entire life. After his parents moved out, Patterson and his brother continued to live in the cabin. Patterson is currently charged with the abduction of Jayme Closs and the murder of both of Jayme’s Parents.

Jayme told authorities that she had been held captive in Patterson’s cabin since she was kidnapped in October. Investigators and law enforcement believed that Patterson went to the home intending to abduct Jayme Closs. They have not yet found any connection between Patterson and Closs. Jayme’s grandfather has also stated that no one in the family knew who he was. Closs’ relatives are extremely relieved to be reunited with Jayme and to know that she is finally safe with her family.