2019: The Year Of The Youth Climate Strike

Layne Thompson, Reporter

The youth of the world have organized a climate strike in the face of the recent climate debates and problems that the Earth has been facing. They are leaving class to protest the lack of effective government response to climate change. They organized the strike for March 15.

Fruita’s “climate strike” does not go as full out as a strike. The organizers from Fruita, Izzy Brophy and Sierra Lloyd, said that they realized that many students wouldn’t be able to or want to walk out of class in protest. Instead, they asked the students of Fruita to wear green and set there alarms for 10:30. The goal was that when the alarms go off, the students would take a moment of silence to think about climate change.

This movement does not have super popular support around Fruita. Many students think that it is pointless and does nothing but disrupt class. Others think that it will bring the thought of climate change to the forefront of students minds and might be effective in making them environmentally aware.

Whether the strike is effective or not is up for debate. However, many people do agree that climate change is a problem that needs to be seriously addressed and this is a step toward that.