I Want To Tell You about Splatoon

Ethan Peacock, Student Writer

2015, Splatoon was published for the Wii U, it was made to be Nintendo’s take on a first person shooter type of game, but not with bullets cause that would be too violent for a Nintendo game, but with paint. It took some time for the people of Nintendo to come up with the idea for squids evolving to playing Paintball with their colorful ink, but when they did, they obviously thought about referencing Mario in their game called Splatoon, because there was a type of squid that Mario battled sometimes during his adventures called Blooper, and they thought that the players should be able to change the color of their character, so they allowed the squids to change color, like real life squids do to blend in to their environment, and they were able to give these squids the ability to swim in their own ink, as they do in the ocean. Those details became the concept of Splatoon, if not “the concept” they’re main concepts of the game. The squids we know now have been in development for a while until they were given their official design, and were given the name Inkling, they’re all at least 14 years old, and to tell the difference between female, and male Inklings, the females have longer tentacles than the males do. From looking at them, you can tell that they’re not bad, which is normal, cause you wouldn’t expect anything violent to come from Nintendo, or even Splatoon. But if I tell you about its deep, and dark lore, you might have a different perspective of the Inklings. Squids vs, Octopi, that’s a main concept for this game’s story mode. But it wasn’t always this way, 100 years ago, the Inklings, and Octarians used to be friends, until the constant rising tide forced them to fight over the remaining land, this became The Great Turf War, that the Octarians had an advantage, but they still lost to the Inklings, the reason is because one of their Great Octoweapons was pulled from the socket too early. This gave the Inklings a chance to win the whole war, and they did because of many factures, one of them being their captain name Craig Cuttlefish, the Golden Cuttlefish Inkling Guy. That’s the story of the Squidbeak Splatoon, a group of secret agents who fought for the fate of all Inklings, they were the ones who driven the Octarians underground, that’s where they live now, and they have the name of the game itself, so if you wanted to, you could call the game “The Squidbeak Splatoon.” Captain Cuttlefish is one of the three main characters of Splatoon, or four when you count all the names you’ve heard in the game, and the other ones are Agents 1,2, and 3. Those numbers are very small because Captain Cuttlefish started a new Squidbeak Splatoon. In story mode, these guys… Well Agents 1, 2, and 3 go out to get back whatever the Octarians stolen, Captain Cuttlefish just kind of stayed, and commanded as the captain, and Agents 1, and 2 didn’t really show until the captain was squidnapped. Anyway, Agent 3 goes to Octo Valley, which is where the war took place, and s/he battles the Octarians as s/he gets back the stolen Zapfish, which is a type of Catfish, different because it’s electric, and the Inklings are using it as a power source, this one however is individual, it’s much greater than any of the other Zapfish that Agent 3 found along the way. The Great Zapfish is the power source to the Inklings’ city, called Inkopolis, and it was taken by the king of the Octarinas, who’s named D.J. Octavio. That faithful day, the day Agent 3 will defeat D.J. Octavio, almost became the day the Captain was no more, and without him, the Squidbeak Splatoon will crumble, and the day Agent 3 had died, the reason is because of D.J. Octavio’s battle theme, the song that reflects him, and his cruelty, which is his determination to win any battle, Agent 3 almost given up hope cause s/he stood no chance against D.J. Octavio, who is the king of all the Octarians. But then Agents 1, and 2 came on in the audio device for Octavio’s song, they were radio overwriting the thing to play Calamari Inkantation instead of D.J. Octavio’s battle song, the Calamari Inkantation was written, and sang by the Squid Sisters, a famous music duo that goes by the names Callie, and Marie. The song’s a double pun when you think about it. Anyway, the song was so encouraging that it kept Agent 3 up, and running, and that’s why Agent 3 did succeed to beat D.J. Octavio, Agent 3 got back, the Zapfish, and the captain, and so peace to the Inklings was restrored. That’s the story so far when you beat the first game, you probably didn’t know Splatoon had a sequel because it was published for the Nintendo Switch, that’s fine, you’re not dumb or anything. So anyway, before I go on to tell you about Splatoon 2’s story, I want to tell you about somethings that didn’t seem right in the first game. Unforgiveness, cause first of all the Octarians were once the Inklings’ friends, you would expect that the Inklings would be alright with the Octarians coming back up to the surface, or going down to live a life with the Octarians underground, and the octarians would be alright with weeing an Inkling once in their life, but nope they’ve kept their property to themselves. I think the Inklings are to blame for this because the Octarians are obviously jealous of what the Inklings have that they don’t, kind of tells you that the Inklings wanted the land for themselves. That’s not what a good guy would do unless the villain had done something unforgivable, but remember, the Octarians have a king, they’re under control of someone else, so you see they could choose what they wanted to do, so the war probably was not all the Octarians’ attentions. Now that’s just thoughtless of you Inklings. Zapfish slavery, of course, the Octarians have enslaved many other Zapfish, but the Inklings have enslaved one Zapfish too. When they’re enslaved by the Octarians they don’t seem to have any source of food, and I don’t think the Inklings give their Zapfish any food either. Anyway, if the Octarians wanted to enslave the Inklings’ one Great Zapfish “for the Octarian king” they were probably using up the rest of their city’s power source’s life. That is pretty cruel, but I don’t think the Octarians treat the Zapfish the way want to when they’re under the king’s control. Even thou the good guys way of slavery may not be as bad as that (which I don’t know), the villains could learn from them, they could learn to give their Zapfish food once a day or so. This is pin-pointed on the Octarians more than it is on the Inklings, but again the Octarians can’t choose to do what they want to do under the control of the king, they don’t have a choice. And I’m going to determine whether all the Octarians are bad, or some good. It could be either way, for now, I’ve got evidence from Splatoon 2 also. And if you want more scary Splatoon evidence, click the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHDx3vFLxlI Now on to Splatoon 2 the one for the Nintendo Switch, and in this game, yes the story does continue in Octo Valley where the first part of it took place, only, it’s in a part of Octo Valley called Octo Canyon, which is described as “the world’s gorgeous gorge.” The story tells that you will be playing as Agent 4 this time, and instead of Captain Cuttlefish, you’ll be following Marie, remember that she’s one of the Squid Sisters, and for your weapons you’ll be aided by Sheldon, the shopkeeper of Ammo Knights, unlike the first game that just gave you the Splatter Shot because you were going to need it, and the story later tells that Marie was Agent 2 of the Squidbeak Splatoon, and Callie (the other Squid Sisters) was Agent 1, and of course there was Cuttlefish, and Agent 3, who are out right now finishing their work. The story is really basic, you’re with Marie, and Sheldon, together you’re going to get the stolen Zapfish from the Octarians again, and find the missing Squid Sister, Callie. But when you do find them at the end, something is really not right. It appears Callie is actually helping the Octarians beat you, she’s wearing some crazy clothes, and strange sunshades, and she has teamed up with D.J. Octavio, who again has the Great Zapfish, so he has it powering his machine again. So after a final boss battle that pitied you against Callie, she comes back to her senses, and realizes she’s been hypnotized by those strange sunshades, called “Hypnoshades.” Then, Callie, and Marie are reunited, together, they sang the new version of the Calamari Inkantation called the Spicey Calamari Inkantation. And Octavio is beat again, this time by Agent 4, so the Calamari Inkantation is really powerful against him. After that, Callie, and the Great Zapfish are saved, and peace to Inkopolise is restored. So far, the Inklings, and Octarians haven’t changed their ways yet, but I want to talk to you about that Final boss battle in Splatoon 2. Yes, it was Callie, and D.J. Octavio, the strangest duo we’ve seen in Splatoon so far, and later it’s simplified by saying that D.J. Octavio hypnotized Callie into doing his bidding, nothing that’s deeper, or darker about that could say anything about what that has to do with the Octarian army, just “the same King, who has control over the whole army, now has control over Callie.” Hmmm… When you really think about it. How did Callie end up with Octavio in the first place? The Squid Sisters’ Story may have the explanation, and still say this has nothing to do with the Octarian army, but, we actually got to think about what Callie would do. Sure she might’ve chose to free Octavio from his prison, and get hypnotized, but is she really that evil enough to unleash the king of the Octarians? He is the kind of evil that every Inkling would be afraid of, especially the Octarians if they”re under his control, another possibility is that it was the Octarian army that hypnotized Callie, so they made her release their king, and bring the terror back to their people. Just think about that now. On to Splatoon 2’s DLC, the Octo Expansion. That is downloadable content for Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, for the price of 20 dollars, you could “play as an Octoling” in this story expansion for Splatoon 2, once you downloaded it, and go down to the Deepest Metro, you’ll get this “Octarian’s story,” and surely enough, there’s Captain Cuttlefish, the captain from the first game, and he was just going to beat this Octoling that you can play as, but then he realized the two of them were stuck in the same situation, and had to work together to escape. Cuttlefish says in this story expansion that some Octarians who have heard the Calamari Inkantation had their lives changed, and he even says, “No fan of the Squid Sisters is an enemy of mine.” Meaning that he knows any Octarian who likes the Squid Sisters for playing their song, the Calamari Inkantation goes back to being good. The Calamari Inkantation has powers beyond anybody’s imagination, it could even turn the Octarian army back into good Octarians, that explains why Octavio is so weak against this song, and when you beat the story expansion, you can then choose is you want to play as an Inkling, or an Octoling in Inkopolise at any time. And you’ll find friendships between Inklings, and Octolings are starting to thrive. This story expansion, only supports my claim that the Octarian army has a good side to it, and what worries them more than that they’re under octavio control, is the Squidbeak Splatoon, a group of Inklings that’s killing them all. This has got me thinking, what if Splatoon is a story about stopping a conflict, and restoring harmony with the enemy? You see where I’m going with this? Like if the conflict is that there’s not enough room on land for both Inklings, and the Octarians, so the Inklings are the enemy of the Octarians, as the Octarians are the enemy of the Inklings. And remember that the Octarians have started a life underground after the Great Turf War, maybe instead of starting a war, the Inklings, and Octarians could’ve settled for who will live on the surface, and who will live underground for each individually. Y’know what I mean? I think that the main Splatoon series will end when the Squidbeak Splatoon, and the Octarian army start to understand eachother, and see the good side of them, then the rest of the battles between Inklings, and Octarians would become friendly competitions. So we know the problem with the Octarian army, they’re under control of a feral king, and being made to be the enemy. But do we have to worry about the Squidbeak Splatoon? I’ve thought this whole story through again, and again to the point where I thought I should tell you guys about it, and make a Splatoon book for my book series, called Pages of Time. If you haven’t heard of it before, you can talk to me about it. I write about topics of fear, and sometimes a different series topic, like Mario, Splatoon, Gravity Falls, Five Nights at Freddy’s, My Little Pony. It could even be just about the series’ concepts, or a particular character, or a creepypasta for all you can expect, you just may never know. I’ve decide that I would bring a topic about a particular character in Splatoon for Pages of Time Season 3. Now let’s rethink the story the way we know it. Long ago, the Inklings, and the Octarians were actually friends. Until the dramatically rising tide of the ocean took away some of the land they had for room to share. As a result, the Inklings, and the Octarians fought over the remaining land. But this was not all the Octarians’ attentions, their king had control over them with secret hypnotech, he made them battle the Inklings regardless whether they thought they could still live in peace with the Inklings, he had the same spirit for war that the Inklings had, possibly. And unfortunately the battles came to the conclusion that all the Octarians will live underground, as a result of losing the war they should’ve won. But what were the Inklings’ attentions to the war? And their victory? Maybe the Inklings weren’t expecting this war, but even if they weren’t, one man, the captain, probably expected it. So how could the Inklings be so careless about battling their friends in a non-friendly competition? The answer might’ve been the king, as it might’ve been because the captain, and the king. That’s right, Captain Cuttlefish is the second man who split the first place for first antagonist in the timeline with D.J. Octavio, the king of the Octarians. This reason, actually makes sense for the story, and for this reason, I’ve reimagined the whole Splatoon series, knowing that they are the ones who started all the battles between Inklings, and Octarians. When I thought back to the first Splatoon, I realized there wasn’t much else that my claim would effect, but it’s clear that the Calamari Inkantation song is the song that’ll resolve all the battles between the races, being the Inklings, and Octarians. Because Cuttlefish likes it, so do some other Inklings, and the Octarians, and even Octavio, one major reason he couldn’t beat Agent 3 while listening to this song was because he couldn’t resist the song’s peppy, and groovy motion, or something like that. So on to Splatoon 2 already. And now the captain isn’t even in the game, until downloading the Octo Expansion, and… Wait, Marie is taking the captain’s place until he comes back. This could mean the Squid Sisters will stop tragically, and with the captain being changed by Octarian friendships fixed by the Calamari Inkantation, Marie’s fate may lead her to being a secondary villain. How could this be possible? And are her people making this situation worse? Well, let’s look at Callie’s situation also, she’s currently hypnotized, either by choice, or because she tempted to find the good side of the Octarians. But we eventually free her from the hypnotism by making her forget about the Hypnoshades, which were probably given to her when she became a friend to the Octarians, to trick her into joining forces with the Octarian army. Now that she’s reformed, we might get information from her about what she remembers that lead her to D.J. Octavio. Then she’ll probably go back to her Octarian friends, cause if she only forgot about the Hypnoshades, she would remember them. And what would Marie think of that? I think she’s officially found a reason to hate Callie, after all she had to do just to save her from the clutches of the Octarians, and after the battle that their fans had just to confirm which of them is better, she wouldn’t understand why Callie would want to go back to them, and let them come to Inkopolise if this is her fate, that would make a heartbreaking main villain if that’s what’ll happen in the future. And the ones to blame, are those who committed a war between their fans. Either way, their fans, the Inkings of Inkopolise are responsible for letting this war happen. Very interesting, I like karma like this. If you want to know what was the battle that would prove the better Squid Sister, it’s called a splatfest, the last splatfest the Squid Sisters had before they gone separated in fact. It was just supposed to be an occasional holiday to play games, and celebrate Inkling culture, but this splatfest made fans of Callie battle fans of Marie, this results in a war, and the Inklings “love” war. The truth about them is, they like to battle to win an argument over minor topics, for an excuse to start a Turf War. They’re just as bad as the Octarian army, battling people, including friends to make life better? There’s no excuse that’ll prove there not main villains, it was them who formed the Squidbeak Splatoon, it was them who started a war between the Squid Sisters’ worlds. Yet I don’t think that makes them the main villains. Because they got to be the good guys of their own story, because they didn’t think thoroughly, and got outcomes they didn’t want, and because they still have good intentions. I think that Inklings are revolutionary characters, they’re bad (unintentionally) and they have good intentions, they truly have a battling spirit, and they’re squids out of all things they could be. I think despite they’re guilty for all that has happen in this series, they’re still good people, I wouldn’t be surprised if they learn from their mistakes, and fight the Squidbeak Splatoon themsalves sometime. That’s my take on Splatoon, and on the Inklings in general, hope you guys liked it. I’ve reimagined the whole series time, and time again, and I’ve come to realize that I actually love Splatoon. And I want to help any people who could find that they love Splatoon also, so please share this with anyone you want, however you want to. Thank you, from, Ethan C. Peacock.