Ethan C. Peacock, Student Writer

Everything came from the darkness, and the definition for light is “A sight of something unique from everything else, like a sign of hope.” Something that a lot of people don’t know is that desire for light leads to destruction of the universe, for reasons like this, darker lights are made to destroy bright lights that could damage any world in this universe, and so Light, and Dark rule in balance. Does that make sense? Good, so you will understand this story, and if it doesn’t make sense, you’ll have to listen anyway.

Our world’s a bright light in a world of darkness, that world is reflected by Yin, the light of a whole world in a dark place. Here we are supposed to lead our dark companions to a bright future, and you must understand that darker people are different from us, that’s all it means, not that they’re bad people. All the dark people are reflected by Yang, the character for all dark people, a bit of darkness left in our world. Now you know Yin and Yang are the light and dark sides of us all.

Our light people are like endlessly sucking vacuums, consuming any light to become brighter, yes we’re in need of a lot of light to live as long as we can, however our dark people are more wary of their actions, staying organized with their plants, and conserving their heat, rather than overdosing on it, and in general, making the environments necessary for staying alive. These actions develop Yin’s, and Yang’s story, it’s a story that tells about a conflict between lightness, and darkness.

It began when Yin’s people made a beneficial weed, meaning “A plant that eats other plants but also can be used to somebody else’s advantage.” This weed was made to solve possibly all the people’s hunger issues, that includes both light, and dark people, but the dark people were aware of the whole outcome. Yin’s scientist has discovered fruit that holds all the nutrition to survive, so they developed the plant, and planted it with the help of the light people, then Yin grew the plant with water, and sunlight. But the dark people knew that this would bring death to all other plants all the people needed to live, so they dug the plant up, and Yang did the intelligibly right move, to burn down the plant, that was a weed that would’ve brought death to the people’s plants, and all of the people.

This wasn’t the only time Yang, and his people have discouraged the light people mind you, and this time, they’ve made them furious. So furious in fact, that neither light, nor dark people would call the other race “their people” anymore, and a huge war broke out between them. This leads to the battle between Yin, and Yang, and was known as the Yin, and Yang war.

As odd as it is, this was the first time Yin got to know Yang in person, he’s dark, and edgy, while she’s all bright and beautiful, and not the type of person who would let go of hope too soon. Alas, she wanted to kill Yang for bringing dismay to her people, so she wasn’t very nice when they got to know each other in person, the first time. Yin’s only seen trouble come from Yang, but didn’t understand that Yang was self-aware of her actions. And Yang didn’t want to kill her, he just wanted to win the fight, he wouldn’t allow the light people to have more power than him.

So the battle between them was on, and both of their people were at war. The light people had bright power, that meant “a lot of power” so when the war started, they had an easy start, but the dark people knew their weaknesses, and they used them as their advantages. The battles against the light people were tough, but victory was meant for the dark people, and they took it very easily. Each of these battles affected Yin’s and Yang’s battle, and when the battle is over, whether Yin or Yang won depends on who’s side won, whether it’s the light side or the dark side.

And the outcome of the battle between Yin, and Yang. Of course, Yin got an easy start, her powers, and skills kept her drilling through Yang for most of the battle, but Yang studied her every move and found out her every weakness. Whenever she was going to get up close, and personal to knock him down, he hovered directly over her in his hover-armor, burning her below, whenever she thought she had a good distance, he had eyes all over the place, and he, in general, did a better job at moving without being noticed. These skills were triggered by events that happened in the war, and they lead Yang to victory, as Yin fell defeated, shriveled, unarmed, and out of all hope. In the end, Yin was locked away by Yang, as a reference to what happened to the light people’s hopes, and fates after the war ended.

Yang stood across from Yin’s prison cell, his arms crossed, ears pierced, and looking right at Yin in the cell. Inside the cell, Yin was surrounded by prison bars set to keep her from going anywhere out of the square cell. Her window was also made out of prison bars, so she could gaze out onto the world that had changed on her, and hear what’s going on outside. And she had a bed, with a single pillow, and single blanket that she sat on sulking with her back against the wall of her cell. And Yang spoke to her “It’s all your fault you know? I didn’t want to fight you, nor did my people. But you started to do things that’ll damage our world.” Yin argued “You damaged the world! You just went and destroyed everything we had to survive, and all that we needed to sustain our lives.” Yang said “Hey! You didn’t even tell me what your plans were when you planted those ideas. I knew what had to be done, and you should’ve just talked to me about it, so I can help you too. You were going to destroy ecosystems in an outcome! That’s why I had to stop your plan.” The argument went on as a discussion of who did right? And what was wrong? And in an outcome, Yin, and Yang found what they did that was wrong. “Listen,” Yang said “I’m sorry, for not telling you about my concerns. I just thought that your own concerns would stop you from doing your bad deeds.” And Yin said “And I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, I thought you were just like the rest of us, you know with a huge desire for light and a big need for a better life. Now I see that you’re actually a concerned person, one who could’ve helped me plant my ideas without destroying any ecosystems.” And they both said to each other “Thanks.” After a long devastating discussion, the true bond between Yin, and Yang, light, and dark began to form.

Sometime after, harmony began to reform between the light, and dark people. Because back in the day after the battle between Yin, and Yang, Yin, and Yang changed in some way, like Yin actually had respect for dark citizens, and Yang came out of the darkness to talk more.

This story was about the battle between Yin, and Yang, light, and dark. It’s a beautiful, meaningful story that is secretly referenced in stories today. Yes, battles between light, and dark that lead to harmony, or a reformed harmony references Yin and Yang. So you may call this the first entry into the Yin vs, Yang series if you want to. Anyway, either as a light person, or a dark person, you should go outside to make some friends with your light, and dark people, then maybe you’ll feel better about battles like in this story that happened in your world.