Pete Buttigieg: Welcoming Change In 2020

Matisynn Leckey, Reporter

Pete Buttigieg is not a name that many recognize. However, in this next year, I predict that he will be the shoo-in for the Democratic representative for the 2020 Presidential election. I have been interested in him from the first time I saw him on Instagram. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and all of the sudden saw this man replying to someone who was signing to him. So naturally, with American Sign Language (ASL) captivating me, I stopped and watched. I was awestruck that this man signing back, thanking Andy Pleasants for his support, was running for president in 2020. Ever since then, you can call me obsessed, but I try and keep on top of what he is doing, what his political views are, where he is speaking next, and anything Buttigieg related. The current president and Buttigieg are extremely, extremely different, so different that it boggles my mind. Trump is very far right on the spectrum and Buttigieg is fairly to the left, but is not as extreme as Elizabeth Warren. Trump believes that women don’t have a choice in basically anything while Buttigieg firmly believes that “…all women have access to comprehensive affordable care, and that includes preventive care, contraceptive services, prenatal and postpartum care, and safe and legal abortion,” according to his website, Trump is also anti- LGBTQ, informing America of that when he banned transgender peoples from serving in our military. However, what is the most surprising about Pete Buttigieg, is that he is openly homosexual and wants to reverse the ban and input support systems in school for LGBTQ students. There is no doubt in my mind that if it was these two candidates against each other in the 2020 election, that I would vote for Pete Buttigieg. He stands for everything I believe in, and then some. Donald Trump is in no way fit to be president and should never have been elected into office in the first place. He has no qualifications in politics, has no experience in public speaking as we can see, and above all, has no respect for anyone other than white males. Pete Buttigieg has been a mayor for 8 years, has served overseas, has won the majority vote of over 70% each time, believes women have a say in their bodies, believes in raising teacher salaries, believes in the wage gap, and overall, would be a great president! Pete for president!