Retirement Heard Around the World

Jayce Jessup, Reporter

The Indianapolis Colts were expected to be a solid contender to win Super Bowl 53. Following a season where they finished 10-6 record and made it to the Divisional Round, where they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. But on August 24th, everything changed.

During the Colts 3rd preseason game against the Chicago Bears, before the game had even concluded, Adam Schefter, NFL Network’s Insider, tweeted, “Andrew Luck has informed the Colts he is retiring.” This news came as a sour note to Colts fans as they booed Luck as he left the field when the game finally concluded.

Luck, a former number 1 draft pick, announced his retirement after six NFL seasons. When asked why he decided to retire by a reporter at the press conference Andrew replied with, “I’m in pain, I’m still in pain. It’s been four years of this pain, rehab cycle.” Reported by Matt Burman of NBC News.

Through only six seasons Luck dealt with many injuries starting in 2015. First he suffered a sprained shoulder and a lacerated kidney and partially torn abdominal muscle. In 2016 Luck suffered from torn cartilage in his ribs and a concussion. Luck’s 2017 campaign didn’t even happen due to Luck needing shoulder surgery in January. Finally, in March he suffered a mysterious calf strain that was likely the last straw that led to Andrew announcing his retirement.

Watching someone as gifted and talented as Andrew walk away so young, 29, along with many other great players such as Rob Gronkowski, 29, and Calvin Johnson, 31, walking away at a young it makes you wonder if early retirement may become more of a trend. Now Indianapolis goes from a projected playoff team to the newest team entering the rebuilding stage.