Welcome, Drew Casebier!

High school is a time of finding yourself. You start to grow passions and goals for the future. But once you become an upperclassman, fears of growing up start to trickle in. Where will I apply for college? Should I even go to college? That’s where Drew Casebier comes in.

Mr. Casebier is originally from Montrose, Colorado. A star football player and senior class president, Casebier went on to attend college at Colorado State University. After graduating, he came back to the Western Slope and taught Agriculture and P.E. at the 8/9 school for about two years. Then, for a year he worked as a stockbroker. After changing careers, Casebier realized he had a stronger passion for helping kids.

Mr. Casebier came to FMHS to be a career counselor for a few reasons. When the opportunity arose, he couldn’t pass it up. “I like being able to be around kids in a capacity that’s not teaching.” He says that by being the career counselor, he’s able to form a bond with children that he might not otherwise be able to as just their teacher. He also says that this job allows him to reach out to all the kids in the school rather than just the kids he would have in his classes.

As a career counselor Mr. Casebier also has hobbies of his own from coaching football to throwing a ball with his golden retriever, Jackson. Drew also enjoys camping and being outdoors.