Introducing Joseph Pridy

Why choose to become a teacher? Some people have always wanted to, and some just fall into it. The later case is what happened to Joseph Pridy, new teacher at Fruita Monument High School.

Originally from Olathe, Pridy attended Colorado Mesa University and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He had first considered a psychology degree, like many high school students. But ultimately he went with a business degree because it was more “versatile.” 

He didn’t originally plan to be a teacher, but when your wife and best friend are both teachers, it can just seem meant to be. He says that they are both very passionate about their jobs and thought that it could be a good fit for him too. This year he is teaching media productions, computer science, and web design. He does enjoy teaching, and his favorite class to teach is Media Productions.

A graduate from Olathe high, Joseph Pridy went to state two out of his four years in high school for wrestling. On his off time Joseph likes to play paintball once a month and spend time with his family.