Why is Mental Health in Adults Important?

Haley Steenhoek, Reporter

Mental health in our society is often not a priority. What most people don’t think about is how adults cope with their mental health. Society recognizes mental health in teens and how they are just growing and changing, but what about adults? Adults have stress from bills, their kids and just their everyday lives. This can really take a toll on their overall mental health over time. 

Mental health is a  serious problem that needs to be taken more into consideration . We have many things in this world that influence mental health, but one of the biggest is social media. Social media is not just a problem for teens, but it’s also a problem for adults. With all the stresses in their lives, sometimes adults turn to electronics as a distraction or coping mechanism. According to Statista, the average adult spends 10+hours on electronics a day and 3 hours of that is on a phone or tablet alone. Most adults don’t know that by spending that many hours on electronics and social media, they are really just damaging their mental health more. 

Adults have a lot of responsibilities in their lives that they have to face alone. Teens usually have their parents to help guide them and get through their stresses. Adults have to face issues alone and try and do their best to do what’s right for everyone. This can take a toll on their mental health. If this keeps occurring mental health issues may turn into serious problems such as depression and health issues. 

By having a stable mind, adults will be able to face life’s issues and be able to take care of themselves and everyone around them in the best way they can. Mental health is no joke and it’s a serious thing that needs to be paid attention to. Having good mental health sets people up for success and allows them to live their life the best they can.